Leaders-Of-Tomorrow-lyrics-Major-Accident/59D0C34A112CC9DA482573940016BACELeaders-Of-Tomorrow-lyrics-Major-Accident/59D0C34A112CC9DA482573940016BACELeaders-Of-Tomorrow-lyrics-Major-Accident/59D0C34A112CC9DA482573940016BACELeaders-Of-Tomorrow-lyrics-Major-Accident/59D0C34A112CC9DA482573940016BACELeaders-Of-Tomorrow-lyrics-Major-Accident/59D0C34A112CC9DA482573940016BACE Major Accident Lyrics

Major Accident Lyrics

Take a look around you, tell me what you see
Faces full of anger and anxiety

It's the youth of today, sometimes full of sorrow
These are the faces, the leaders of tomorrow

Death and destruction, rise up all around
The cry of the legion, no more a voiceless sound

Soon the kids will harden, try to right from wrong
The cry of the legion, now a victory song

Never believe all is lost
You'll be left counting the cost
We'll be the leaders, just you wait and see
And tomorrow belongs to you and me

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