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Gucci Mane Lyrics

Don’t let yo mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash,
I’m the lawnmower man and your ass is grass. (x2)

Gucci Mane make a nigga wear a shit bag.
Actin’ bad like a kid at Six Flags.
I’ll send some slugs at yo bitch ass.
In my hood ain’t no love for yo bitch ass.
50 pounds and a trash bag,
Anybody move and that nigga get blasted
Hit a lick for ‘bout 50 stacks.
Nigga trippin’ bout Gucci bring the money back
Half a brick and a ???
I’m in the trap, where tha jockers at
I’m gettin fat, fuck a jumping jack
Zay drop a track the whole industry be jumpin that
I’ll put a hole in yo stocking cap
Work ya like a bitch at the Body Tap
I stay strapped, blow you off tha map
Niggas hate behind my back, but when they see me ???


Uhh. I’m from the hood, I’ll punch your lights out
I took your jewelry now I’m iced out.
Gucci Mane got that ‘caine in.
I swear I never tuck my chain in
You just a thug gettin’ traded
I’m a thug entertainin’
Really I’m a street nigga
That choppa on tha seat, nigga
All ready for that beef, nigga
Yo, Gucci gotta eat, nigga
I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya nigga.
I wouldn’t wanna be you, nigga
Now ain’t that like a nigga
Tryin to sound like a nigga
A lover not a fighter, nigga
But let me see yo lighter, nigga


You see the bracelet on my arm, my necklace, my charm
I’m dangerous and armed with grenades and bombs
Ya’ll done slugged out with tons of ones
In tha club puttin’ down like “I’m that Badon.”
Yo, truly young Gucci all I do is hustle hard
Never had credit but used my 2000 Mastercard
Grimey and gritty, hotter than cookin with lard
Gucci Mane on the block again and I’m cookin’ ya boys
It’s that grown man shit, nigga bring all the toys
When I snap they’ll have to call the lieutenant and sarge
??? See, she thinking ya hard
Watch how quick I load the choppa, bullets you gotta dodge
Uh. Gucci Mane on the track nigga
Zaytova? on the track nigga
I’m tha lawnmower man, nigga


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