Sanctifica Lavender Lyrics

Negative B Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Labels
  • 2 Stardust Inc.
  • 3 Nerve
  • 4 Lavender
  • 5 Epitaph
  • 6 Red Alert
  • 7 Juxtapose Part I: As a Reminder
  • 8 Juxtapose Part II: Confront
  • 9 Juxtapose Part II: Summer Sits Here Raining
  • returns to my consciousness by stealth
    the smell that lured me astray
    the paleness of my body
    embraces that warmth
    that new warmth, from a distant sun

    Behind those gates there's no one to tell
    my invisible trail
    the cleansing sleep is yet to come

    It's staring right back at me
    the oceans in my eyes lie still


    cannot grasp what has been poured into me
    as they watch me on that screen
    as they lure my lips to taste that kiss
    I see love in you my sweet
    I see love through you


    filters through me as I recall
    alienation, indifference

    This fate that has been laid upon me
    I pray for stamina, for guidance
    I pray for you my sweet
    am I one of the beloved
    the wanted, the rejected
    the cynics, the pure:

    The beggars are the threats
    we'll suffer our demands
    not yet will the slaves of passion and hunger be set free

    As the sun awakes to meet its successor
    this work of art, this portrait
    of what cannot be imagined
    will fade away

    ...returns to my consciousness by stealth

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