face to face Late Lyrics

Big Choice Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Struggle
  • 2 I Know You Well
  • 3 Sensible
  • 4 A-OK
  • 5 You Lied
  • 6 Promises
  • 7 Big Choice
  • 8 It’s Not Over
  • 9 Velocity
  • 10 Debt
  • 11 Late
  • 12 [discussion whether to include Disconnected on the CD]
  • 13 Disconnected
  • 14 Bikeage
  • I don't know where I belong
    All I know is that I'm wrong
    I can't wait another day
    Make it all just go away
    I don't want it today

    I don't want to be late
    If you knew what I knew
    You wouldn't be willing to wait
    Don't be fooled by what you read
    It's not the same as what you see
    You're trying to sell me
    And it's something for nothing
    I don't want to be late

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