Blue Rodeo Last to Know Lyrics

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What took so long to build took a moment to slip away
You could barely hide the satisfaction on your face
Time takes another day
Changes you in subtle ways
Lifts you up, then slowly lets you go

Sitting there across the room your smile looks like a threat
Living underneath the heel of what you might do next
Memory works in strange ways
Cuts you down then makes you pay
One day you'll be walking fine
The next day lightning hits you from behind

One heart
One love
Two people can rise above
Each time we fall
Don't know what I was thinking of and
Don't say it's so
Don't say it's so
Let me be the last to know

Seems we move backwards now the further on we walk
It's hard to find a single line through all our double talk
Home late and drunk again
Close the door; shut out the rain
One more day, no damage done
My spirit's falling, sinking like the sun


Standing at your doorway I can hear your voice inside
Telling all your friends what you're gonna say to me tonight
Oh write me a better part
Find the words to break your heart
Keep you on your knees forever
Funny now my tongue gets tied together


Written by: Greg Keelor, Jim Cuddy
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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