Graham Parker Last Couple on the Dance Floor Lyrics

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Pre>e e/g# be f# a
People call and ask how we're doing in the l shaped room
E e/g# be e
They understand how different it is in this profession
E e/g# be f# a
They all fall for all our excuses that we'll see them soon

E a be a
You tell me that you love me, I tell you that I love you
Be a be a
And I don't have to be worried any ... more ... oh
E be
We are the last couple on the dance floor
A be
Don't stop the music, don't stop the music
E be
The last couple on the dance floor
A be e
When they cut the power they cut the whole world out

A train crash someone gets murdered there's a threat of war
We all laugh and say "isn't that something!"
There's no cash, everybody panics and the sweat just pours

Chorus then instrumental passage with guitar solo

People call and desperately try to invade our time
We say hey wait, we're trying to beat the record
They all fall for all our excuses but at least we're kind

Chorus last line variations and fade /pre>

Written by: Graham Thomas Parker

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