Kai Last to Know Lyrics

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The candles whisper, the shadows outline
That you're right on time for the very first time
They can't conceal the look, the one i couldn't ignore
You look this evening was meant to deny...

The black and white's on the wall
Our future there in Doisneau
My pocket's heavy with diamonds tonite...
But they won't shine on your hand
And what i thought were our plans
Flicker out with goodbye

Am i the last to know?

Your eyes are cold but my tears are warm
Why do people like you hurt people like me...?
You blind your fear with your pride
Protect the woman inside
I kno you know how tru it could be
But you're afraid of the need
Can't risk da imminent bleed
Wut is love but the greatest of dangers...
And now the songs are a lie
I never dreamed you would cry in the bed of a stranger...

Am i the last to know?

And in the shuddered rush, i will fall
And in the tumbling i see it all
A hushed releave of you, and im free, and alive
And my heart, is the last

Am i the last to know?

Written by: Dan Fogelberg
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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