The Get Up Kids Last Place You Look Lyrics

The grass is always greener as I'm sure that you've found. If I find my way back on the last leg of this trip, I'm betting I'm finding you there. As long as it's constantly changing. As long as it's constantly sound. If there's no sense of impending danger, there's no sense in hanging around........ for the winter. If I'm not gonna be in your arms wrapped around me...what have I got if you're there? We'll be home in December. The leaves don't fall from the trees as long as you remember you are always with me. It's not my place to find it, not something that I get to choose. Don't be scared 'cause you're not something I'm willing to lose. I'll bet you find it in the last place you look.

Written by: James Suptic, Matthew Patrick Pryor, Robert Pope, Ryan Pope

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