Biohazard Last Man Standing Lyrics

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[Feat. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, DJ Rizz]

Bring it on, here comes the muther****ing pain
There's a war in my, I can't take the strain
Insane in the brain runnin like a freight train
I feel no remorse, I feel no pain
I'm the punisher kid an I'm taking you out
Say you prayers son, it's the final death bout
If I gotta take you out it don't mean a thing
I'll be the last man standing


Southside vato, anybody killer
Body baggin fools try to scheme for the skriller
I kill like old patrone tequila
Your *** will be next if you try to deliver
Any actions that are pre-meditated
Snuff whole crews 'cause that **** is out dated
Bring my enemies to his knees and I'm blasting
Sen Dog will be the last man standing


My blood starts pumping, racin through my veins
I'm a cold blooded killah stalking my prey
The taste of blood gets me high
I'll fight to the finish, I'll fight till I die

I rise and stand against anybody or anything
In the end I will be, I'll be the last man standing

I'm gonna crash and bash and smash and bust your *** in half
Feel the wrath, I'll blast you if I have to
So bow down, respect to the master
I'm the last man and my name is Disaster

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  • Written by: Daniel Schuler, Evan Seinfeld, William Daniel Graziadei
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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