Asher Roth Lark on My Go-Kart Lyrics

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Sitting on a truffet
Puffing on the best cut buds
Trying to get butt from Ms. Muffet
Me and Teddy Rockspins stirring up a ruckus
Egging all the houses, Smashing all the pumpkins
Suck a **** butt-kiss
Chumps can't funk with the punk kids
Ash roth be the king of the blumpkins
Any Tim Duncan
Spur off the moment
Let the whole world know I run ****
Jump ship quick
Tell a friend that I'm dumb sick
Spit fungus that'll grow from a dung trip
Twist to a front flip
Son that was some trick
Watch all the dumb chicks hump when I bump this

Kinda like the blond Bob Sagget
Ash can get nasty
Pass me a blunt and some captain
Chilling with an Ashley
Heading to the mall
Sitting in the backseat getting jerked off
Ten feet tall with the balls of a matador
Door matted whore with your words
Heard that before
Poor metaphor
Get your feet fixed
Walk in my shoes for a few you gon need it
Yea got your Wii-Fit to practice your freeze with
Need a few weeks before you can compete with
Razor Ramone flow o' so sharp
You can take a palsky
I'm a take lark on my go-kart

Mario Kart skills are outrageous
Play me any day and I'll be the best racist
Wait no erase it
Meant to say a racer
Traded in my cell phone for a new pager
Take off your blue tooth now dot com
I'm at the grocery store with hot moms
Bout thirty-five with at least two kids
We can make out while my friend babysits
All up in your fridge eating left over ****
Tuna sandwich, Butterscotch, Crumpets, Cheetos be my choice of chip
I enjoy for a bit
Take a sip from my sips and then split

Roll that J up
Is it rolled?
Roll it up

Hair like a troll doll
Basketball shorts on
Yea I'm a dork but I'm still holding court, ball up, Balla
Y'all take to long get dolled up
Give a **** if I look like I just woke up
Whom i trying to impress
Honey in the sundress
With the breasts, luscious
Just sent me a text
O-M-G your the B-E-ST
If you tryin' to have sex
I'm the best at it

Written by: Asher Paul Roth, David Anthony Appleton, Oren Yoel Kleinman
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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