Babes in Toyland Laredo Lyrics

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I can fly higher when I'm tired
My 2 hands are scorched from holding this torch
Mind feels like neon all glowing and bent up
You look good on my back like a shark fin
Rectify desensitized
'Tis the season to drink poison
Tralala was a badhead girl
Your mind's gone greasy it slides right off me
And all the jaded stars spit black cigars
No truce for you
A spec of something that I knew
Yes I read what you did and I see what you did

Painkillers Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 He's My Thing
  • 2 Laredo
  • 3 Istigkeit
  • 4 Ragweed
  • 5 Angel Hair
  • 6 Fontanellette (Live at CBGB's)
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