Good Riddance Lampshade Lyrics

A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion Track Listing
  • 1 Weight of the World
  • 2 Steps
  • 3 A Credit to His Gender
  • 4 Trophy
  • 5 Up & Away
  • 6 Last Believer
  • 7 Static
  • 8 Favorite Son
  • 9 West End Memorial
  • 10 This Is the Light
  • 11 Bittersweet
  • 12 Token Idiot
  • 13 Come Dancing
  • 14 Lampshade
  • 15 Think of Me
  • 16 The Sky Is Falling
  • 17 Sometimes / [untitled]
  • I haven't got a thing to say
    I never thought I could end up this way
    maybe I should have known
    but now my cover's blown
    I've been up for hours but my feet never touched the floor

    I can't pretend that I'm as funny as all you're friends
    so I'll keep this lampshade on my skull for one more night

    I've got a project car
    I've got a VCR
    I've got a hundred friends but I don't know where they are
    my life's a fantasy
    I'm just a wanna be
    another throw away contemporary enemy

    did you want me to be the life of the party
    I've made some mistakes so stop kicking yourself
    because I blame me
    it's still the same
    nothing's changed

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