Lords of Acid LSD = Truth Lyrics

Our Little Secret Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Lover
  • 2 Rubber Doll
  • 3 Fingerlickin' Good
  • 4 LSD = Truth
  • 5 Man's Best Friend
  • 6 Cybersex
  • 7 Pussy
  • 8 Deep Sexy Space
  • 9 Doggie Tom
  • 10 Me and Myself
  • 11 Spank My Booty
  • 12 The Power Is Mine
  • 13 You Belong to Me / Horror Movie
  • More more power brain white doves higher higher
    Headkick dangerzone flashlight red alert
    Speedball cool stoned bells ringing higher higher
    Love peace freedom dream landscape higher higher
    Big blue marble trees more more higher higher
    Green cliffs purple sea funfare spooky birds
    Flatline crystal beach brainwaves higher

    Spaceman God holy ships on the water higher higher
    Lust sins leather lips more more higher higher
    Braindead lost souls crack junk empty streets
    Hell fire closed doors free drinks higher

    He's on the inside, in his own world
    He's flying through darkness
    He's on the inside - he's on the inside

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