1-800-Zombie LOL@Myspace Lyrics

All She Got Was a Bloody Nose Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro (Super Theme)
  • 2 Posi Anthem 2k6
  • 3 I Zoo Bob Saget
  • 4 T for Teen
  • 5 Workout Plan
  • 6 Portable Videogame System
  • 7 Octopus Ink
  • 8 LOL@Myspace
  • 9 Mad Flow
  • 10 Jewish
  • 11 We Are the Definition of Hip
  • 12 Jolt Yr Nuts
  • 13 Girls Gone Wild!
  • 14 Intrnt Tlk
  • 15 Birthday Party Deluxe
  • 16 Outro
  • Wake up in the morning and jump out of bed
    I got this crazy urge; can't get it out of my head
    I've got to go on MySpace and check my comments
    And maybe if I'm lucky, I'll have some friend requests
    And I'm not surprised that I have quite a few
    You want me to add you band, no I won't add you
    Your music is generic and the screaming is the same
    As the band who asked me yesterday; I thought that they were lame
    I check up on my comments and most of them say hi
    So I go to their page and post a funny reply
    I see today is friday, you know what that means
    I get to go to the mall and show everyone I'm scene
    I'll even dye my hair for them so that it's at its best
    And I wore my tightest pants and my dino on my chest
    They'll come right up to me and ask if I'm on MySpace
    Hell yes I am girl, did you tell from my face?
    But I don't remember yours, I have ten thousand friends
    I can't remember who's on my list, your probably at the end
    Everyone comes up to me and asks for my autograph
    'Cause you know 1-800-Zombie
    It's so famous, it makes me want to laugh

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