Dag Savage LL Cool J Lyrics

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Aye, yo Joe!
What up, Doe?
You scramble mike
And let the thing flow
These average motherfuckers
Tryna rap this shit and don't think though
Holy Toledo, you can't defeat me and my people
My niggas move bricks like shack from the three stores
Can't see the dollar if you was looking n through a deep hole
My mind stay precise like the eye of an eagle
Man, I fico, crack a Heineken and drink slow
Then beat four rappers in the head until they think slow
Fuck your beat flow! Your mom can't be serious
A bloody often stall like a septic tank period
Hate rappers with incorrect punctuation
Drag on sentence style, then correct pronunciation
My mind - elevation. Your body I decapitate
Niggas came busting, just chump them and ejaculate
I be coming like a drummer on different strokes
From different folks, like your girl eats my egg yokes
I got jokes. Hahahahaha. You're making me laugh
Work harder than an immigrant gathering the grass
Laugh harder than chief when I be chiefing the crowd
(Thinking was around me, I put his face in the sand)

I like ladies, you know what I mean?
I like to express myself, let them know that I like 'em
And love 'em, and warn 'em
Word, you know what it is, all I'm saying
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