Billy Ocean L.O.D. (Love on Delivery) Lyrics

Billy Ocean Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Tell Him to Move Over
  • 2 Stop Me (If You've Heard It All Before)
  • 3 Let's Put Our Emotions in Motion
  • 4 Let's Do It All Again
  • 5 Love Really Hurts Without You
  • 6 Whose Little Girl Are You
  • 7 Soul Rock
  • 8 One Kiss Away
  • 9 Hungry for Love
  • 10 Eye of a Storm
  • 11 L.O.D. (Love on Delivery)
  • I want L.O.D. love on delivery guaranteed
    You've got to give a-me L.O.D
    Love on delivery guaranteed
    It's got to be.

    And at the end of a long
    Hard day baby
    What I really need is to know there's someone
    Who's waiting with love and sympathy.
    For what is a man all alone
    Ain't got a heart
    If he ain't got a home
    But with someone like you
    I can come running to if I got in return all your

    L.O.D. love on delivery guaranteed

    And when the nights are cold and lonely
    I'll keep you warm and my shoulder will always
    Be there for you to lean upon.
    Just knowing that you're around
    Gives me the will
    And the strength to go on
    So I'm begging of you girl
    Whatever you do
    Say you won't let me down give me

    L.O.D. love on delivery guaranteed

    I tell you now you've gotta pay your dues

    Over and over again gimme

    L.O.D. love on delivery guaranteed

    Written by: Michelle Charles, Louise Gold, Leigh Guest, Dufton Lafton Taylor
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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