Earl Sweatshirt feat. Domo Genesis Knight Lyrics

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Guess with a few exceptions, yeah, I'm living honest
Except I promised my momma that I would finish college, started chasing profit
Sorry ma, I ain't forget about it but if money evil
I'm hoping that you could see through all the drama and watch me get these dollars
And my ambition burn so hot, it's like I'm bleeding lava
Haters be pleading me to stop but I don't even bother
Though my approach is seeming awkward, I could see it proper
See success and I just see the fact that I don't need a father
Doms hotter than the drop of Harry Potter ****
Pedal to the metal, high-level, full throttle ****
Still searching for a reason why *****s ain't acknowledge this
I'm lost in an era where real **** does not exist
I hate the sway of things, I'm everyday cooling it
I'm getting blazed and laughing at the way they overdoing ****
I'm just a old soul sticking to a newer script
I guess I got to prove this ****, I'm truly too legit to quit

I'd like to send a shout to the fathers that didn't raise us
To every ho who hated, now unable to say much
To critics doing dirty with comments and ***** paid for an apartment
Yesterday off some songs I haven't yet made up
Black Cressida, pay up
Bars going hard as the ashtray where I place guts
Shouts to the eses who paid pesos to play us, riding in the barrio
Huff and puff blowing kush in Huf clothing articles,
Kenny rolling blunts, got us stuck like a barnacle
To the bottom of your ****, ironic cause the audios
As nautical as ships, look momma, look momma
Look, your product is legit, I promise, honest
Karma got me balling up my fist
'Til I demolish your clique, pardon the clips
I am honestly as bomb as it gets, regardless of who talking
I'm farming, harvesting hits
Just me and Domo and lit marijuana to split between two of us
Rocking boxes easy as warming some ramen noodles up
So, searching for a way to state it right
Young, black, and jaded, vision hazy strolling through the night
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