Laika King Sleepy Lyrics

Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Girl Without Hands
  • 2 Falling Down
  • 3 Alphabet Soup
  • 4 Barefoot Blues
  • 5 Leaf by Leaf
  • 6 Diamonds & Stones
  • 7 Dirty Bird
  • 8 Fish for Nails
  • 9 Oh
  • 10 King Sleepy
  • Wind blown
    A lazy sway
    Creeping like fire
    From a slow spark

    Birds without wings
    Out of the dust of dreams
    Head out to sea
    Seeking the stars

    Nothing can wake
    Nothing will break
    His host
    Of teasing fancies

    With aches and fears
    Sighs and tears
    We roll like water
    Caught in a stream

    A pilot on the wing
    A weary thing
    Feeding my soul
    And reading my mind
    We can be hurt
    A piece at a time
    As the curtains of night
    Draw back with the light

    Written by: Guy Fixsen, Margaret Fiedler

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