Louis V King (Remix) Lyrics

206 baking over this bitch right now man
Ayo everything is A+ man
Louis, Louis, aye

I’m the king of this, I’m the king of that
I’m the king of flow, I’m the king of rap
In my life I don’t see no trap
Never been no sucked and never been no rap
Just get this cheese, gotta get them stacks
Frag on page, he just statin the facts
Amazing grace, I’m amazing jack
I’ve been this way, never changing back
I go so hard, I go so hard
Fall in the streets, I don’t mean no cart
Fuck your opinion, don’t look on start
All these hoes know who we are
They told me quick, they told me split
Like how you gonna get me off my shit
They didn’t believe I’d amount to shit
You should see their digits, my account and get
I’m surrounded with uptown and clink
These the niggas that I’m grinding with
From rock shows to down lows
Steering the people – all I know
My grind so fine though
It’s known to make your mind blow
I need my green, no Rondo
I ain’t fuckin around with you John Does

All black truck when I’m ridin by
See me now, then I’m probably high
All my fam wanna see in this fly
Hatin ass boys wanna see me die
No mercy like the Cobra Kai
Daniel San, I’mma snake your ass guys
Never crap out on the Vegas nights
Went with the team if you play me right
Gotta make moves if you ride with me
Only bad bitches get the live with me
I’m that king, crown me please
Superbowl ring, I saw me
New domier look right on me
Married to the game, throw that rice on me
It’s Louis V with the A+ Gang
Everybody here is J’d up mane
Say that name, A+ mane
Keep that kush at a A+ grade
Fashion shit, yea run that game
Run that city in some unstrapped ace
We stay ballin like Notre Dame
Leave your bitch in a hunchback state
Count that money then I’m off that state
A logic

They call me Young Jizza, make fly motherfucker I be spittin that shit
All my nigga Louis V reppin that tack down, niggas going from that ridge
Feeling good, eating better
All my niggas tryna live up on the sunny weather
Fucking with these bitches, while we I I’m tryna get some cheddar
Hell the wanna see them dope niggas pull their shit together
That’s real, niggas say these runnin cuz they knowin they know my way
So chill, chest steady burnin from the swishas and the dro I blaze
Kill Bill, everything gang, told you niggas we was on our way
So ill, major league game, lil nigga call me jizzle
Maze haze, I’m on one, no drink though
Drink in my cup, call banks flow
These niggas fun, we a let em have it
Fuck the thing I’m yelling bang bang for
LBR that’s a new team
Lace niggas like shoe strings
Our style is nice and we move mean
No tie rigged but we the new king

Look that tank shit, Mike shit
I don’t give a fuck who don’t like it
That crown and throne that I call my home
When it comes to the balls on the night since
Spit game, awesome
That flow put a nigga in the coffin
My dogs don’t do a lot of barkin
All bites with the guards that a shard hit
Got A logics, Louis V, Jizzle and Bundy’s feezin me
Everybody sick, call the CDC
Fuck with the squad, get DDT
We shinin ball, strobe light
Your girl brought me down, coke price
These sucka ass niggas in the city poor as shit man
That’s that shit I don’t like

They act like I’m to blame
I rep my hood and I pop this game
While these niggas tryna flabe I’m out here getting paid
I’m smoking purple haze
My Chevy got a raise when I sweat the blaze

All my bitches is with it
Taking off clothing
They ain’t drinking or smoking
They focused, they working
I fuck the world like a virgin
You just scratchin the surface
And I shut shit down, give these niggas them curtains

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