Issues King of Amarillo Lyrics

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[Intro: Michael Bohn]
Wrath to the industry

[Verse 1: Michael Bohn]
Get over yourself, they can see right through you
We are the future like no one ever knew you
Got the swag of a coward and the heart of a nemesis
If you don't like these lyrics then go listen to Genesis
Sega. We ain't playin' games, you took demise we'll take the fame

[Chorus: Tyler Carter]
And I can't wait to say whatever, and I can't wait to shed some light
On every little thing you've broken, and get on with my life
And I can't wait to be whoever, and I can't wait to speak my mind
On every little thing you've broken, and get on with my life

[Verse 2: Michael Bohn]
I heard from your friends that you've been stricken with fear
Desperate for press in your pathetic career
Can't get out of debt since your sales took a dive
You can find out the hard way cowards never thrive

(*scratch* Take..."Take that!")

If you'd cut records like cocaine you could still have a fucking name
Yeah I guess I took it too far and I know the truth hurts but if you're scared bitch go to church


[Verse 3: Tyler Carter]
If they let you into heaven then I'd rather go to hell
You think you're buying your way to the top with all that bullshit that you sell
God's not naive like the fans you deceive. Even the devil was an angel what the fuck did he achieve?
Wrath to the industry, and everything it used to be


Written by: Derek Carter, Thomas Denney

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