Kottonmouth Kings King Klick Lyrics

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Motha fuckas.....
where the kottonmouth kings that did this shit
the kottonmouth kings that just wont stop
the kottonmouth kings that are ten years deep
the kottonmouth kings that fuckin shit
yall motha fuckas in da back of da club stop runnin your mouth talkin shit about the klick
Its the mother fuckin kottonmouth king klick

now we done did this shit
and we still in this shit
so yall need to quit your lips
get with the king klick
ill put us against
yo click act like bitches
yall wanna get some riches
get with the king klick

everybody is stackin da the doo
everybody whos a pimp still want some mo, yep
everybody who was born to grind
yes sir anybody all day any time uh
drive up service right to my back gate
thats the way i run my game back at 12:28
t,b,j,r,and a
wat would you say we were runnin
none stop sellin nitrous acid,ecstasy,shroom,pills
and whole lotta pot
makin and spendin money
just laughin and actin funny
throw'n partys wit total honeys
just so much fun for me
they call me x-tra-x
see im the realest yet
im like that old school vet
putcha whole crew to the test
ill knock yo out yo socks
run yo ass off the stage
im pushin major weight
makin plays like willie mays
over the shoulder i get coulder as the pressure mounds
im gettin older so i like my greens in large amounts
im self made never rode on no ones coat or dick
im gettin payed by runnin with the king klick

see we got bags of herb
that we been known to serve
yall wanna move some work
get with the king klick
please do not speak to late
please do not hesitate
yall want the family break
get with the king klick

double o trouble
double o dash
i will bust that ass
yall motha fuckas watch yo back
d,double dash dot double o trouble
will you pass me the mic
whos ready for the rumble
yall know whats up you dont want this shit
its poor d-loc from the king spade klick
were checkin with a blow out quick
i dont give a fuck if you think slick dog
i dont give a fuck if you think your hard
cause yall motha fuckas will get sparked
cut you up quick like a ginsu master
every way i go alittle faster
slice and dice you and cut you up
your shakey bones is wrap'n up
now were takin vacations over seas
on profits from weed
its me,
johnny richter from the kotton mouth kings
now thats the sickest click the scene has ever seen
its also the sickest that be on top of the green
so who wanna be down whos down to clown
whos down for the underground sound
whos down to rep the krown
whos down for the city of p-town
whos in it to win it
whos in to finish
whos ready and willing when its time to pin it
go get that thrown and come on this way[get with the king klick]


out like some super stars
in the back of theses limosine town cars
every where we role the people know who we are
closin out the show and shuttin down the bar

24's spinnin when i pull up to the club
no i never wait in line cause im always gettin love
im with the vip's gettin drunk smellin like buds
its time to get crunk on the west coast what
double dash an da rest
in the time of the rhyme gettin loose
gettin drunk callin out in the time of truce
kottonmouth in the mouth
what the fuck yall motha fuckas talkin about
yall get fucked up
you keep tryin to test but i dont think you want this shit
bitch eat a dick back the fuck up get with this
get with the king klick


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