Young Money Entertainment King Company Lyrics

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[Verse 1:Honey Cocaine]
Yellow bitch wear gold jewels
New bitch drop out school
Them bitches hate like who you?
You ain’t shit, you’re boo boo
I diss mine and take yours
She ain’t what I’m here for
Torn bitch, I give it dough
Till the girls say I did it though
Yellow bitch all night
Yellow bitch alright
Yellow bitch, yeah that’s my thing
All the homies Snow White
I know I know I know
You niggas love to sing my songs, bitch
If you’re fucking with me then you’re fucking with the wrong bitch
I bought a body, he bought a body
He hit it, hit it
Can’t live without it, without it!
I’m in this dotty, that red light is my job
On my bounce, fuckin’ cops
Thirsty bitches, I can pause
Don’t be moving like you and I are friends or something
Cause I’m just doing me, rapping, trying to spend some
I know you ‘bout
Stuck my krill in all you dogs
Dull skin bitch if you don’t hit hard
Honey go into the fuckin’ loud hey

[Verse 2:Tyga]
Yeah, fuck the world,
Came to give her a baby
My car do 180
I’m losing sperm, I’m fading
Your girl ejaculate me
I’m horseriding the anal
This crazy shit I’ll be saying
I’m saying I’m Charles Manson
This mother fucker ain’t landing.
I’m landing on bitches panties
Dead lamb skin in the Lambo
Shoot off your leg like you can’t stand me
Pop pop pop upon you
With cars you’ve seen in cartoons
I’m like ffff fuck you
Cause you ain’t got nothing to lose!
Funny Adam Sandler, I cover my back on mamals
They judge me, don’t need a panel
You gossip too much each channel
But why you’re all upon me
I though I told you don’t call me
My cousins they seen me shining
Now they all are begging for diamonds
I just go with this rhyme and Rolex, that’s perfect timing
Might change my name to Mohamed
Like Ali, she called me papi ah

[Outro: Tyga]
I want no more problems
I just want more money
To house bunnies to keep a clean company

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