Colette Carr Killswitch Lyrics

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Verse 1:
I"m tangled up no strings attached
You gave your heart but now I think you want it back
You are my ocean and the tide
It"s a little wonder why
I"m drowning in your eyes
The powers out we lost it all
I fallen hard you pulled the rug and watched me fall
Now your dropping calls
I think were breaking up
Got my love I"ll stand by

Why"d you hit the killswitch on my heart
Circuit break a love we had to start
Boy just flick the killswitch on my heart
Can you turn my lights back on
Turn my lights back on
Li-li-light ba-ba-back on
Li-li-light on on

Verse 2:
You"ve blown a fuse
I see the smoke
Your love, my life
I think we"ve made a mess of both
Electricity is what we know
I chase the light that you just never show Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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