Raised Fist Killing Revenues Lyrics

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Moneymaker, the instigator. Both of them trapped in the same boat
Seem to be more of a fake, playing a completely different role
Insinuate to have the faith in humanity is insanity
I'm waiting for the sun to rise to wipe away those angry faces

Invasion led by other nations
I feel fragile and lost, I have no patience
Intervention is building up the tension
Breaking the foundation

Gravity keeps me standing in the world of heavy branding
Everybody seem so sure when they grasp for more
I'm exposed near getting disposed to an environment of lying men
Mass media is my best friend


[Repeat: x2]
The time has come for us to speak about the truth
Our ways of thinking is effecting the youth
And I'm engaged to make myself come through to you
We've just begun to realize what we have to do

Written by: Alexander Hagman, Andreas Johansson, Daniel Holmberg, Marco Eronen, Oskar Karlsson
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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