Sage Francis Killing Muslims Lyrics

Women in Pakistan cover their faces if women and the husbands don't drink and gamble.
The prettiest girl in Charlestown gets beat up if the Celtics lose,
this year they made the playoffs and her jaw got a chance to heal.
Ever since I moved to Bushwick, I work graveyard and two things keep me up during the day.
I sleep through bullets cause I live on the second floor, but the ice cream truck plays nursery rhymes of demons, movin' around the block real slow while everybody cheers like its the special olympics.
Water baloons are called air conditioners, the forth of July is celebrated with pistols, you don't pledge allegiance and read the wall street journal. The post has pictures of trust fund Arabs on wanted posters.

Killing Muslims is like beatin' up your girlfriend, it brings working people together.
My generation was lazy, Killing Iraqis and training Afghanis to shoot Russians, thats like beatin' up your girlfriend in front of the children.
Think somebody's not gonna grow up and hit you back? Stupid.
A prophet's a bloody mary with cheap vodka that makes the hangover worse.
War is God's method of teaching American geography.
Jesus is tired of telling Arabs that they are dying for the sins of his followers.

I work the night shift protecting pictures of other people's children getting paid for doing nothing because I understand how the system works!
Supervisors away, I win, clock out with the sun, the ice cream man will burn!
Nazis scraped the ovens to make soap and candles. Australians carved ash trays with aborigine's craniums but killing Muslims is pointless because gas is still expensive!

Wether a solider fucks a cunt or a rectum its a dead Arab on the other end of the rifle.
Life goes on if a genocide isn't yours.
Automatic weapons are built in Michigan so Palestinians can be target practice for half a century.
I'm a bad influence, cause I can't stand college students for peace.
Put the fear of God in the chosen people, see thats my tax money your firing.
The only tragedy of the 21st century is that Jews have not reached the status of being white, even on stolen land!
Suicide bombings are abstract if you've got something to live for its the poorest and useless Hamas Jihad and Al Qaeda wearing the belts of C4 like a Jim Jones kiss.


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