Cypress Hill Killafornia Lyrics

Living in the city of the Scandalous
Shisty ************s, can't even trust my own brothers
So who can I choose to trust, me, that's who
*****s want a piece of the pie, **** off and die!
Jealous, envious fools want to rush this
Loco, trooping *** ***** with the cash, ****
************s just get your own, and leave mine alone
Forty-five places to get done
Send out your invitation
To the party of your elimination
I got peeps that play for keeps, (Hardball)
Now I'm laying your *** down to sleep
But every hustler wants to be bawling
But I got the balls for the shot calling
I pull strings, the Don King, only in America
Then I hustle, and flex my muscle

Yeah, man, I've been out here
running game for eight years
I know I'm getting tired of standing
on this corner
*****, I want a fat pad, and fly *** pool
Finest **********ing *****es, jewels
and all that ****, if I got to take it
from a *****
****, let him run for me then
I can work for myself, don't have to
work for nobody, I'll be my own hustler

Where can I roam to get my hustle on
Killafornia, stacking the chips, got the full clips
Loaded and cocked, I'm used to running with the Glock
Nina Millimeter, lighting up the ****ing block
Now, who you gonna trust?, who can you trust?
I don't know, but if you coming on my corner
I think I'm gonna bust
You can't handle us, devious, dangerous
Criminal mentality, insanity
I move weight, from state to state
All the *****s moving weights, can you relate?

Damn, what's up, I see you
pushing that big time weight
I told you, I wasn't bullshitting
You coming up, alright!
When I seen you three or four
months ago I told you
Got respect for a man now
Handle your ****!

Where can I choose to get my hustle on?
In the alleyway, lighting up all night long
**** working at McD's, I'm rolling with the O.Z's
In the QP's, puffing on trees
Who can I trust?, who can you trust?
Not that shady ************ in the city Los Scandalous

Well, well, little man came up a little bit
It feels good having money in the pocket
**** that nine to five bullshit, right?
Yeah, kick that **** to the curb
But you got to look out for the scandalous ************s
'cause *****s is tricky than a ************
Yeah, but ************s got to look out for us too
You know what I'm saying
I'm just as shisty as a *****
****, set me up and *****s are gonna die
You get set up back, 'cause we ain't having that bullshit
I got your back, you got mine, that goes without saying
Twenty-seven and mo' baby, twenty-seven and mo'
Let's get the **** out of here"

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