The FiNaTTicZ Killa Flow Lyrics

East side, I bend at the fucking death,
East side, I bend at the fucking death,
Money on me and I’m strapped like a seat belt,
I go fast, go fast, fuck the seat belt,
I eat that pussy, beat that pussy, make her scream help.
Team 12, we balling over here,
You know fly niggers got a swag from a lear,
Bitch broke my heart but I didn’t drop a tear,
I just been to sea summer and I beat her from the rear,
From the rear, only killers over here,
Pussy killers shouldn’t kill it, we don’t fuck around with squares.
We don’t fuck around with queers, they don’t fit up in my circle,
My niggers go dumb, go stupid, go urkle,
Kush up in my blunt as I sip purple,
I don’t like a nigger get a shit, I use a turtle,
Niggers is my sons, I fuck your mom and she made you,
But this fuck hurt, I will more curtue.
East side, nameless, why she got me leaning,
Bitches going crazy, started fighting over penis,
We know what the team is, everybody screaming,
F gang ain’t nothing if you didn’t know business.

I guess today was a good day,
I had to shot a nigger in his face.
Kidnap a bitch and left no trace,
Kill the pussy couple sad it was a cold case.
Keep telling but the k make ‘em fade away,
Knock this bitch and beat the pussy like there ain’t a way.
Eat the coochie just to tell ‘em how it really tastes,
You ain’t gotta know a lot, this of not appeal.
Pulling out a molly like a fucking scoot,
Baby moma trying to blow me like a tuba.
Pussy popping like a low rage shot shooter,
East side rapper, shout it like Fred Muller.

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