Quincy Punx Kill Yourself Lyrics

Stuck On Stupid Track Listing
  • 1 Malitious Mischief
  • 2 Kill Yourself
  • 3 Hate On
  • 4 A.A.
  • 5 Murder At The Senior Prom
  • 6 Ephedrine
  • 7 Yiddish Steel
  • 8 Beer Bong Vomitorium
  • Well you say its always darkest
    Just before it turns pitch black
    If you ever had a good time
    You'd probably have a heart attack
    You've only got two moods
    Self pity and depression
    I'm really fucking sick of it
    So let me give you a suggestion
    Kill yourself, Kill yourself, Kill yourself
    Death might be fun why dont you try and see
    Kill yourself, Kill yourself, Kill yourself
    Just put us all out of your misery
    You think the worlds against you
    But you dring it on yourself
    I think you need a doctor
    Maybe Kavorkian can help
    Lets have your funeral now
    I'll run you over with the hearse
    Death might improve your attitude
    You know it couldn't get any worse

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