Chase N. Cashe Kill Yourself Lyrics

When you start getting money your bitches start getting better
Niggers act funny, but really it don’t even matter.
Imma keep climbing up in this game of choosing ladders,
Hoping I’ll get my shot to be the people’s favorite rapper.
Days going and going like the years is coming faster,
Soon as I get my chance, ain’t nobody coming after.
Me and my niggers going hard like we don’t care,
Gold grills and dirty tamp shit, that’s all that I win.
Dirty tamps and gold grills is making a women stare,
Gold grills and dirty tamps they’re trying to get a pair.
Buying off my style, taking pieces of my flare,
But I can’t stop now, ‘cause the nigger’s almost there.
You might be up there now, but you ain’t close near,
So tie a rope around your neck and kick away that cheer.
So you can save me the time and you can save me the effort
To see you niggers die slow, the shit is a pleasure.

Kill yourself and nobody else.
Kill yourself and nobody else.

Niggers say they og’s, but they’re acting hoe,
Telling lies to my homies, try to split my click,
That’s for bitches, you don’t know me.
Never would I slender my brother to a nigger,
Know that gossip to a general public.
Head boy, that’s my nigger to the end of my days,
One out of few that I met to ever deal with my ways.
Square club, that’s the squat, forever I’m rapping hard,
Whether I’m rocking or rolling, the shit is up in my heart.
Gotta know I’m staying real to the end from the start,
How you start and how you finish, royalty, never part.
Niggers can say what they want, ‘cause they don’t know how I feel,
Because these industry niggers don’t ever be in the field.
Niggers be in the studio, they don’t be in the streets,
Niggers be on the beats, no, they don’t want no beat.
‘cause niggers won’t throw hands, niggers just run their mouth,
So put the peace in your shit and exit your way out, you bitch.

Kill yourself and nobody else,
Kill yourself and nobody else…

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