Everlast Kill the Emperor Lyrics

Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Kill the Emperor
  • 2 Folsom Prison Blues
  • 3 Stone in My Hand
  • 4 Anyone
  • 5 Die in Yer' Arms
  • 6 Friend
  • 7 Everyone
  • 8 Naked
  • 9 Stay
  • 10 Letters Home From the Garden of Stone
  • 11 Tuesday Mornin'
  • 12 Throw a Stone
  • 13 Weakness
  • 14 Dirty
  • 15 The Ocean
  • 16 Let It Go
  • 17 Saving Grace
  • 18 My Medicine (demo)
  • 19 Maybe
  • [Chorus:]
    I think I would, if I could kill the emperor
    Let's stop the war and feed the poor, let's kill the emperor
    Let's stop the lies, the dead can't rise, silence every mother's cries
    I think I would, if I could, kill the emperor

    Yo it's like resident evil, the emperor's people don't give a mad **** about your life
    They'll **** your wife and your kids
    They've got people doing bids for being slaves to the dope that they supplying
    Still they keep lying and tell you that it's some cartel
    While they waiting on the heaven they're creating the hell
    They rape the constitution while you wait in your cell
    And for the victors go the spoils and that's oil wells
    Call Orson Welles cause the worlds at war
    And the front line is just outside your front door
    **** the New York Times, **** CNN
    And politicians that pretend to be the working mans' friend


    Yo the emperor's a liar, the fields are on fire
    Oil prices get higher, times about to expire
    Hurricane Katrina and Asian tsunamis
    Adolescent mommies and high school snipers
    Final days are coming, get ready for trial
    Americans they live in fifty states of denial
    Have a coke and a smile, or some crack in a vile
    You can even buy a pill to keep you hard for a while for these girls gone wild
    In this world at war, it's the same old whores it's the new crusade
    Yo the plan been made, they lied to invade
    I'm on the palace lawn with my live grenade


    Written by: Keith Ciancia, Unknown Writers

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