Hannah Montana Kicking and Screaming Lyrics

Don't keep me waiting,
Treating me like a fool
I got news for you,
I'm turning my back
I'm dropping a bomb on you

You want me
You need me
Believe me,
You'll be callin'
You love me
You hate me
Believe me,
You'll come crawlin'

So get down, and get off
Let me show you what you'll be missin'
We break up, you break down
Gonna drag you through this kicking and screaming

Don't keep me guessing,
I'm you favorite obsession
Don't give me that lame excuse
Is it me that you're messing,
It's the same old confession
You're the one with something to lose

Wath out now
A blackout
There's no doubt,
You can't have it
Control you
I'll own you
I'll show you,
But you still can't have it



You'll be kicking and screaming(x2)
But I'm decieving,
You'll be kicking and screaming

Watch out now
You'll find out
You'll cry out,
There's no one above me
I play hard
Don't run far
Come back now,
I really do like you



You'll be kicking and screaming(x2)
Kicking and screaming(x2)

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