The Lawrence Arms Kevin Costner’s Casino Lyrics

A Guided Tour of Chicago Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance
  • 3 Kevin Costner’s Casino
  • 4 A Guided Tour of Chicago
  • 5 Take One Down and Pass It Around
  • 6 Someday We’re All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs.
  • 7 The North Side, the L&L and Any Number of Crappy Apartments
  • 8 Smokestacks
  • 9 Detention
  • 10 Uptown Free Radio
  • 11 Eighteen Inches
  • Hey Kevin, exploitation's nothing new, its perfect disguise is you
    Your headdress and authentic moccasins
    You seem just like a righteous man, exposing our great land
    For what it is, the ultimate grand larceny

    But who would have thought when you danced, dollar signs were in your eyes?
    Above and beyond your large share in Hollywood
    You were a wolf in sheep's clothing to a wolf and a people
    And your bad actions by far outweigh the good

    The theoretical "Oh, we fucked over the Native Americans"
    Is no match for consciously stuffing your dick in
    Reservations are already a pathetic compensation
    As are the "rights" we grudgingly give them

    A casino could be the only way to rejuvenate collapsed economies
    Of reservation Indians
    But are profits from casinos enough compensation for the fact that we stuffed a huge nation
    Of people into a few tiny towns and raped and murdered their traditions?

    We stole the land and beat them down
    The casinos are fucking corporate run and here's a check for the use of sacred burial grounds
    Then the casino's fucking done giving back to the Indian
    Except for janitor jobs and garbage by the ton

    (Tough guy eight count)

    And old Kevin is his own conglomerate
    Exploitation through a movie, then through blackjack and roulette
    Don't attend or rent his shitty films
    Because his killing at the box office is not the only thing that he's killed

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