Theatres des Vampires Keeper of Secrets Lyrics

Croce sul cuore possa morire
Se questo segreto si viene scoprire...

When our time is coming
And the night is black
I am here to wait for him to come
And bring the seven plagues
Try to hide your secrets
No one can believe
I need someone to help me
I belong to him

Keeper of Secrets
Listen to whispers in your mind
Searching the shadows of your life
Calling the Keeper of Secrets

When the end is coming
Light will fade away
All around this cloudy sky
That my mind creates
When our dreams are cold and timeless
Open up your eyes
Walk on path of sorrow
Falling from the sky

Across the shadows, before the light
Until you're coming, until your cries
Across the madness, across the land,
Before you're coming. before your death

Keeper of Secrets...

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