The Unseen Keep Us Down Lyrics

Protect and Serve Track Listing
7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Protect and Serve
  • 2 Who's Who?
  • 3 Boston United
  • 4 Keep Us Down
  • 5 Scumbag
  • 6 Preacher
  • 7 Countdown
  • 8 I Don't Care
  • No One wants to book us for reasons we don't know
    Maybe because we look funny
    Think nobody will go to the show
    We're just a bunch of f*****' kids
    Workin' hard and getting s***
    Don't ignore us, think we'll go away
    f*** off you d***, we're here to stay
    You can't keep us down
    Just when things are going good, we get kicked in the face
    Our f***** shows get cancelled, our flyers are a f*****' waste
    Our band members get shipped away and leave me in the cold
    We will fight to live on but this s*** is getting old

    Some of us believe in revolution
    Some of us are straight edge
    Some of us like to get p*** drunk
    Some of us just want to go to bed
    We've got one common goal, you can't keep us down
    f*** your respect, f*** your money
    f*** you 'cause we're her to stay

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