Lil' B Keep Saggin Lyrics

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Keep talk in the past, but we living in the future
We the most advanced, thank god for computers
But that comment might not be fair
The big bang make everything clear
Got hate it all with my niggas in here
But understand that shit is for I wear
You act like whatever, but the truth is there
Family at war and the troops is there
Feel me, while I'm saggin, I want answer man
This is just my cure, look at the wrong way
You might get killed
The earth no love, this is how I feel
Everybody tryina say belong to this, we belong to that
Man the group of this, we gonn call you that
You gonn acti like this, you gonn act like this
You don't understand
Take time to find, watch everyday for the dotted lines
The shit don't seem right
Then it really might be what it act like
The doors started open when my cats got right
The shit open doors for my people last night
When I say people, I'm talking bout you in the game man
You gotta stick like glue, back to back
Subjects niggas in paris, niggas in jail
Niggas I sweden, niggas is terrorists
Niggas got history with your grand parents
Man everybody know, it's the time that we cherish
Live your life and don't worry bout acceptance
Please talk to me if you really hear the message
Ain't nothing wrong with a person asking questions
If I know it, then I'ma teach you lesson
I won't go to jail and I won't pay your profession
I've learned my laws so my family stay protected
I'ma spread love when I'm passing, dissecting
You already know so you won't ask me questions
I'm the raw south man ain't no questions
One man bail with the choppa on the dresser
Moev low key make the suckers under pressure
Pressure bust pipe with the shit
That I don't make niggas think twices about stretchers
And I'm not with the rape of the hood
Born to the hood and shit I'ma hood
Oil refineries, the water no good
It's a lot of love, but no money in the hood
No focus man, when it come down to it
Rather stay in your house than go walk around
How you really love me if you don't know
How you gonn live life if we don't grow
2013 we gotta have more peace in the world
Just understand me
Everybody speak you don't gotta correct
Cause you don't understand, just decipher the message
You will get way farther than the person who is guessin
Really love people, that's my first suggestion
Really take a look at yourself in the mirror
Can it get any clearer, the first impression
People keep saying that I never make it
I say I'm alive, so I already made it
Be happy with what you got cause it can be taken
By earth or home invasion
I don't support crime
One crime one bit, when the heart's in the sit
You feel me, only self defense
But people use they words so usely
I swear man I love life, it's like a movie
With my saggy pants
I'ma keep saggin, I'ma keep saggin,
Fuck that, its' fashion.

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