Z-Ro feat. O.N.E. Keep Runnin Lyrics

Z-Ro Tolerance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Go to War
  • 2 Real Niggaz
  • 3 Creepin'
  • 4 Party
  • 5 I'm a Gangsta
  • 6 Stranger in the Midst
  • 7 Keep Runnin
  • 8 Who Could It Be
  • 9 Jus' a Hoe
  • 10 Ain't Havin None of That Bullshit
  • 11 Shelter in the Storm
  • 12 Time and Again
  • 13 Move Around
  • [Z-Ro]
    I pledge allegiance, to getting my cash on
    Either ligalo with a glock, and my mask on
    I gotta go get it, cause I got an appetite
    Down to run up in your residence, and blast on sight
    It's for the paper it's for the bread, it's for the feddy
    Seventeen stash spots, between the Dodge and the Chevy
    Fuck the whole wide world, it's just me and my songs
    Constantly moving on, to find a better place to call home
    Keep running, but always look where you going
    Whether it's sunny or snowing, them people'll kick your do' in
    They keep coming, I had to gather up my rocks
    And relocate blocks, and set up my shop away from the cops
    Cause I'm a hustler, slash all that
    With plenty Christian in the background, for fall backs
    That mean I got a plan, B-C and D-E-F-G excetera
    Z-Ro running game, two thousand two steps ahead of you

    Keep running
    Keep on running

    [Mr. Drastic]
    I'm on a whole nother level, now I'm running for the devil
    When I finally get the shovel, I'ma bury him mayn
    Bringing true to the game, so I'm putting God first
    No burden I can't handle, I done been through the worst
    Now it's time for the better, me and Ro getting setter
    Drop the top in rainy weather, and I'm loving it mayn
    From the cradle to the grave, no more being a slave
    When you see me best believe me, I be off of the chain
    Gripping the grain doing the thang, with Gene and Day
    Screaming my name, before I go on I make em pay
    Business first, making sure my money is straight
    I'm loving the hate, because it's keeping food on the plate
    It's later and Ro, yeah you know we running the show
    Getting the do', rapper slash CEO
    Wherever I go, I always be the number one stunning
    So you better keep on running

    [Hook x2]

    Everyday is a struggle, so I gotta get up and get it
    I'm dodging the federalies, trying to stack my mill ticket
    It's wicked up in these streets, if you don't work you don't eat
    That's why my eyes are wide open, never falling asleep
    I roll O-N-E deep, cause I don't need no niggas
    They hold you down everytime, when you trying to stack figgas
    I'm clutching chrome plated triggas, that's keeping these bitches running
    Faster than Forest Gump, that twist and turn when they coming
    I been a hustler for a hustler, was even thinking of hustling
    And sold every kinda drug, and that's the end of discussion
    I'm not trusting nan nigga, nan bitch or friend
    Because they all turn fraud, in the god damn end
    I'm dropping rhymes and wreckes, and my sixteens is cold
    No baking soda it's over, I'm mixing O-N-E do'
    When it's finally wrapped in plastic, then shipped to the stores
    We'll be them seven figga niggas, O-N-E and Z-Ro

    [Hook x4]

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