Verse Simmonds Karate Chop Lyrics

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Bitch why you frontin on a nigga, you ain’t all that
We be hoppin out the jam with that strong pack
I be high above the rim, what you call that?
Came from nothin I stay hustlin, I ain’t goin back
Pop that pussy bitch you know I came to spend a grip
Throw 300 at my nigga just to cop a zip
Fuck a tellie girl let me hit it in the whip
Let your man rock the boat, I’m tryina sink the ship
Started at onyx, we ended at follies
The turn up was real, and she hopped on the molly
She know that I’m famous, she came out to party
We fucked in the Rari woke up in Bugatti
Sorry my nigga if that was yo Shawty
These bitches ain’t shit, you should know that already
These bitches is sticks so I’m up in they belly
I’m hittin that, act like I’m all in the hurry
Yaaah, I’m the shit and you know it
Champagne pour it, tow up fin to blow up
You keep saving all these hoes, call your ass heroic
Keep them snakes up out that grass so I have to mow it
Ah, my niggas holding that bow 5th,
Hit your ass with that oh shit
Specialist with that face lift
White girl on that nose pop, they start sucking, they won’t stop
I promise y’all with that boom flop
It’s that karate kid on that chop chop

Strike a bunch of narcotics
Pull up in that new ‘Rarri
Living like John Gotti,
Choppin bricks like karate
Take a bunch of codeine,
Serve it to the dope fiends
Blowin money, stay clean,
Michael Jackson Billy Jean

Yo yo, I wanna thank everybody for rockin out with me man
Everybody that’s been supportin me since day one
Supportin the Verse Simmonds brand, VVS Society
You already know,
Big shouts out to my DJs in the streets out there supportin my music
Big shouts to my Carte Blanche family
Big shouts to my Boo Vision Konvict family
You already know what it is
You know?
We out here, we getting to it
Like I said, I appreciate all the all the all the love man
I’ve been out here for a minute
Lot of people know the name
Man it’s only building, it’s only getting bigger
So I appreciate all the love, keep supporting me
Look out for my new project, 1996
Coming out later this year
It’s gonna be crazy
I need everybody to know that
Verse Simmonds, that’s the name
Let’s go.

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