Superchick Karaoke Superstars Lyrics

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Turn up the car radio
We can be karaoke superstars
Doesn't matter what they think
When we're driving in my car
If we don't think about it
Red rover red rover please let me come over
Who made you queen for a day and us court to rule over
Last to be chosen will I be here left over
Well it's alright
Maybe it's alright maybe it's
I feel alone
I feel unseen
I feel marked down I just get my keys....
Red rover red rover I don't wanna come over cut me
Down to your size
So you can tower me over it only works if I care
And if I don't your reign's over
And it's alright, maybe it's alright
Maybe it's I am alone
I am unleashed, I define myself
I just get my keys,,,
Red rover red rover if you want to then come over
It's a no critic car
So there's no one to win over be your own superstar
When the voting is over and
We're alright, baby we're alright.. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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