Hannah Montana Just to Fly Lyrics

All locked in a jail cell
With no water and not feelin' well
The rain is pourin'
And nothing's stormin'
To come and rescue me
Everyone thinks I'm a drama queen
That's why they won't ever help meeeeeeee!
Oh, every night I dream!

Just to fly!
Feel the breeze!
Knowin' there's nothin' wrong with me
Just to fly!
Know inside!
I got everything I need
To survive

Now I don't know
Exactly where to go
I mean there's only dirt and bars
Tractors and cars
Brings ya a vacation
At least that's what they say
Oh, every night I dream


To survive
To tell me
I'm gonna be alright
The key's 5 ft. away
I can almoooooost taste it
Taste it(x2)


Found the key
Unlocked the door
Now I'm free!

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