Maestro Fresh‐Wes Just Swingin’ Lyrics

Symphony in Effect Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Drop the Needle
  • 2 Untouchable
  • 3 The Mic’s My Piece
  • 4 LTD’s on the Wheels of Fortune
  • 5 I’m Showin’ You
  • 6 Let Your Backbone Slide
  • 7 Private Symphony
  • 8 Just Swingin’
  • 9 The Maestro
  • 10 Tear It Up
  • 11 Fortissimo

  • INTRO [Maestro Fresh Wes] {Ebony MC}
    Ahh yes
    Swinging along, just swinging ahh yeah
    Me and my main man Ebony MC {Right about now}
    Just swinging along {We just swinging along}
    Ah yeah, special shout out {Bust it}

    [Maestro Fresh Wes] {Ebony MC} (Both)
    We rock the mic {We rock the mic well}
    We rock the mic {We rock the mic}
    Well, we rock the mic and (We rock the mic well)
    (1) for the treble (2) for the bass
    Come on Ebony MC help me rock the place

    {Ebony MC}
    We be waiting, playing, anticipation
    The next new rhyme that I be creating
    For '89 I decided to fix, my rhymes
    To make them fresher, to cook under pressure
    To be on top and never be the lesser
    I'm the animal, uh the hunter
    To go getter of a guy
    I am the best of the west the beast of the east
    Some people call me lazy, but that's alright
    I like to lie around talk around, fun around
    Sleep, get comfortable and even relax
    'Til my sleep meter reaches the ultimate max
    To live without my waterbed would be ?????
    'Til the party roles around my...
    Well, I'll never be a peddler, never be a bagger
    I'm not Jimmy Walker, but I'm not a Swarteneger
    You know I got the build of a regular man
    I'm not a J.J., but not no Conan
    Just Maestro, not second or third
    I eat at Burger King 'cause I'm not Herb
    And if your name happens to be Herb
    Just say {I'm not the Herb you're looking for, Word}
    I hate to meet mothers, hat e to meet fathers
    They all want me to marry their daughters
    It happens to me almost everyday
    A girl will take me to her crib and this is what she'll say
    'Mom and dad this is Wes' and I'll say hi
    Ma will pinch me on the cheek like I'm mom's apple pie
    Dad says 'I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Mr. Jones'
    'You the most decent chap Janine's brought home'
    'Would you like to have a beer?'
    No thanks just juice
    'Grandma woke up, we'll have to introduce'
    'Oh, by the way call me pa, we love to make you our son-in-law'
    See what I mean they won't leave me alone
    I just wanted to jump in Janine's pretty little bones
    Janine said 'grandma, this is Wes'
    Grammy said 'hi' I guess she was deaf
    I said, hi my name is Wes, 'did you say Fresh?'
    That's right Fresh Wes, I drank the juice and I left
    {Ebony MC}
    Well I was walking downtown and I saw this whore
    She had a body like a two by four
    She came on over, asked for my number
    I said, no ho, all you want is my lumber
    No, no baby I won't be doing that
    You won't see me stroking no street corner cat
    'Cause I'm an arcade junkie, my rhymes are funky
    My beats and rhymes rocked Humpty Dumpty
    MCs want to thump me, girls want to jump me
    My face is smooth and never ever lumpy
    [M] That was good, that was good
    {E} Yo, Wes drop that Snow White story man
    Go ahead, drop it

    Check it out
    I remember a story, when I was small
    About Snow White and the seven Dwarves
    Well, if you ask me, I know that couldn't be true
    If I was one of them I knew exactly what I'd do {What, what?}
    The story that was told was totally wack
    Snow White was a freak and the dwarves were black
    She lived in a house, you could probably figure
    What she be doing with a bunch of horny niggas
    Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy
    Come one, come on, come on she was sleazy
    Happy, Sleepy and my brother Bashful
    Made sure Snow White got her mouthful
    {Ebony MC}
    Well I'm the cutest looking guy, I like to say
    Conceded you call me, but that's okay
    I've often thought about posing for ceterfolds
    The girl designed me and they broke the mold
    Part of the creation, what can I say
    They even made up an Ebony playmate
    You know I always keep the body looking fine
    The dimple, the smile, nothing out of line
    No dirt in the dimples, I keep the face neat
    No sugar in the body, I eat the Shredded Wheat
    I use the eye drops to keep the eyes clean
    Hair so fine I use Ultra-sheen
    The buttock firm, the girls enjoy that
    No need for exercise I don't collect fat
    The feet are large and the jewels look great
    You could try to change but you're late get laid
    Wish you were me but that could never be
    First of all your name is not Ebony MC
    Well, I'm not too big, not too small {Average}
    Not too short, but I'm not that tall {5'9" 5'10"}
    I'm not a heavy guy and my head ain't bald
    As I drive the girls up the wall
    I had a girl and her name was Judy
    Judy had a super dope big fat booty {Big fat booty}
    Everything was cool and everything was okay
    Until I met this freak named Shebon {Shebon} the other day
    Shebon had a shape like an hourglass
    Real fine legs with ... {let's just pass}
    Although she looked young, she was an older girl
    Thick like Judy with Malaysian curl
    Judy had night school onec a week
    So that would be the night I'd rock that freak
    Well that night I went over to Shebon's place
    And to the bedroom we quickly laid
    Then I rocked her, oh my, and took a rest
    I saw a picture of a child on her bedroom chest {Easy}
    I took a good look and I felt so bad
    'Cause it was a portrait of Judy at her Grade 8 grad
    Torn between two lovers {It's okay Wes, It's okay}
    Feeling like a fool {Don't cry man}
    I just fucked Judy's mother, and Judy's in night school
    Like Keith I make the ladies Sweat
    What yo learn about women, I'm trying to forget
    I wrote a love jam, now the girls are drooling
    I play like Heavy D boy, (just coolin')
    Like Laverte, I'm the love expert
    No time for casanova but I clock 'nuff skirts
    To be blousing, my rhyme arouses
    Like blue violets and red rouses
    {We rock the mic} we rock the mic {Well}
    {We rock the mic} we rock the mic {Well}
    {We rock the mic} we rock the mic {Well}
    We rock the mic and {We rock the mic well}

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