The Queers Just Say Cunt Lyrics

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I think it's so stupid
Girls won't say this word
Like asking everyone to not say s___, say t___
Fall back 5 yards it's time to punt

I think "gash" is offensive
Not to mention rude
And I don't think about eating it
When I'm eating food
There once was some dude on T.V.
His name was Alan Funt

Just say c___
Just say c___
Just say c___
Just say c___

[m_________ing lead guitar]

I hope you're not offended
By this little tune of mine
So girls please don't start to flip out
To say c___ is no crime
The littlest piglet in the litter
is called the runt

[Chorus] Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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