Maren Ord Just Like You Lyrics

Waiting Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Perfect
  • 2 Sarah
  • 3 All I Want
  • 4 Beautiful
  • 5 Swallow
  • 6 Harsh Words
  • 7 Just Like You
  • 8 Tonight
  • 9 Relate To
  • 10 Waiting
  • 11 Speak
  • So, what have they done to you
    You were a child
    You used to see it through
    What have they done to you.

    You used to smile
    But you couldn't find the crowd
    It took a while
    But you couldn't see it through
    What have they done with you.

    So you look at your life
    You look at the world
    The you look to the oceans
    You're looking for that world
    A world above the rest
    Something to set you free
    Then you realize
    You need to get out.

    So you're swimming around
    Well, you're swimming deeper still
    They've got you wearing a crown
    A crown of steel that's just weighing you down
    You need to get away


    Well your father was mad
    But he still is your dad
    Well you know he was wrong
    But you can't carry on
    You need to break that cycle now
    And rise above the rest
    The you can be free


    Written by: Carl Allen Sturken, Evan A. Rogers, Kara Dioguardi
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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