Locust Just Like You Lyrics

Morning Light Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Your Selfish Ways
  • 2 Morning Light
  • 3 Just Like You
  • 4 I Am the Murderer
  • 5 Jukebox Heart
  • 6 Folie
  • 7 One Way or Another
  • 8 No-One in the World
  • 9 Clouds at My Feet
  • 10 Summer Rain
  • 11 Ancient Hometown
  • 12 The Girl With the Fairytale Dream
  • 13 Let Me Take You Back
  • 14 Some Love Will Remain Unsaid
  • 15 Shadow Play
  • 16 On the Horizon
  • 17 The Daydream Girl From Sealand
  • 18 Touched on Every Side
  • There wasn't room
    Inside that smoke-filled room
    You were beside yourself
    Not beside me

    You're caught up
    You believe that you're grown up
    We know you thought that up, needless to say
    You had your way, king for a day
    You always see that you have your way

    I'd suggest
    If they were to be impressed
    And see you at your best
    It would be without me

    But you never knew
    What I could be without you
    What I could ever do
    Without you
    Without you
    I'd start anew
    I'd take control
    I could be just like you

    Written by: Carl Allen Sturken, Evan A. Rogers, Kara Dioguardi

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