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10 Years Lyrics

You and I
Share the same reflection
Why don't
You see
That we cannot
Survive in this condition
If you're cut
I'll bleed
So go on
Carve into
Your own heart
I could use
A new scar
Or a brand new start
The only
That bind us
As one

I just don't know
How to win (how to win)
With you
And I can't let go
Part of me (part of me)
Is you

We have lost
All communication
When words fall
On deaf ears
I'm starting to
Feel a transformation
How did I get here
I don't
My own reflection
It's a ghost of
What once was
Gone from
To stranger
From mind


You stay the same
I'll remain to change


I just don't know
Just don't know
Just don't know

I can't let go
Can't let go
Can't let go

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