Omarion Just Can't Let You Go Lyrics

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This feels so good [laughs]
B. Cox

In the beginning we were supposed to be temporary
But you put that thang on me.
They tryna explain to me
That I should just let it be
Cause I'm lookin' crazy.
But I can't be concerned with that.
I'm tryna get it again.

Said I'm not that hard.
You pull my card
Girl I'm tryna kick the habit,
I'm an addict.
I can't let you go,
Even though I know
That you're not worth me, and ain't good for me
I just can't let you go.

You got a man buy you all up on me.
And I know I should let it go,
You knockin' at my door
And put the pain (thang?) on me.
And you're talkin to your homies.
I ain't concerned with that,
I'm tryna get it again.


Let it go.

(Just can't let you go)



Just can't let you go


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