Too $hort Just Another Day Lyrics

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I woke up one day in Vacaville
Round the corner from the pen
Fat house on the hill
All the homies in the pen straight locked down
But I gotta get dressed and hit the Oaktown
I called Randy Olson on the telephone
Early in the mornin' but he still ain't home
So I called Ant Banks to see what's up
He said meet me at the studio at two o'clock
I got dressed, smokin on some serious dank
Grabbed my keys off the table and a bid ol bank
I hit interstate 80 and I'm rollin'
Joint's still burnin' and I'm smokin'
I was on my way to San Jose
To the stereo shop that make my music play
Cause one amp shut down and the bass ain't playin
Didn't take long, for Joel and Janks to have me slumpin'
So I called up Boo what's up ***** what you bout to do
He said, just kickin' back waitin' on the fellas
Bout to go eat at Della's
I said it sure sounds good to me
I can't go tho, gotta hit Myrtle Street
Passed the acorns on my way, *****. it's just another day
Big Banks came through and started mixin'
Sittin' in the studio kick back listenin'
To some funky *** **** from the dangerous crew
Debbie D came through, with FM Blue
Shorty be rolled up smokin' fat ones
Pee-Wee had a crew in the back room
Goldie had the tramps givin' head breakin' off
Rap and rhyme that diddley-dog
Twin one and two is tellin' stories
Bout beatin' down *****s for the glory
Had to catch a plane that night and roll out of town
Everybody gettin' high tryin' hard to clown
I had to go shop fo its time to leave
I dipped to the mall, flipped me some jeans
Rolled on out like a player
Hot *** day, *****es everywhere
I'm leanin' hard to the left like a big shot
Checkin' out the hoes seein' who'll get knocked
Cause when you **** with $hort you get ****ed quick
I rub some cum on ya *** and make ya suck ****
Ride through the "old" scene "beamin' it" slow
Talkin' that **** five *****s on the four
Drive crazy, tryin' to tear up ****
It's just another day in Oakland *****
It was me, Jaque, "Beamin" and "Tilo"
"Boo-kicke" slow-motion and "PO"
Spud, Ju-Ju, Frog and Big-E
Gettin high on our street
Bug, Joe-A, Ce-Ce and Mark,
Rollin four deep from Sobrani Park
Howard came through from the be -Town
************s gettin' high it's goin' down
It's the same everyday everyday it's the same
But that night we hit the hoop game
Who was playin, Seattle versus Golden State
Hollered at the home boy Gary Payton
After the game, we went to his house
NBA Jams, turned us out
*****s talkin' bout slammin' bones
Any kinda way to get your gamble on
Bet, all you kept hearin' was bet
Dice game on the pool table **** that ****
I ain't goin' outta town broke
I gotta have a bank get some dank to smoke
Think I'm gamblin', you must be insane
It started gettin' late I had to catch that plane
So I cut to the airport
Just another day for Too Short
I was high as **** on the airplane
Thinkin' to myself about a street gang
How a black man'll do you in a minute
Walk around the corner see some **** and get in it
How the police always tryin' to catch us
Fell asleep and woke up in Houston, Texas
Gangtas *** *****s from the fifth and the third
Take yo *** there ***** **** what ya heard
Next night we did a show, in New Orleans
Same gangstas same old scene
Yellin' at seventh at ninth ward
I see my homies from the third and the fourth
It was me Big Dog and the eight guard posse
Havin fun and you just can't stop me
I did a show in Birmingham, Alabama
Then caught a plane in Atlanta
I heard about the **********in' freak nick
Popped that ***** hole **** that weak ****
You shoulda seen all the *****es on the street
*****s from Detroit was deep
All my partna's from the 'O' flew up
And they was slangin' that danky stuff
Gettin' high with some brothers from Miami and Cleveland
Kickin' back talkin' bout we ain't leavin'

Written by: Todd Anthony Shaw, Quincy Delight Iii Jones, Mason Vaughn
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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