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Hello, Dear Wind Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Chariot
  • 2 Jesus
  • 3 Dogs
  • 4 Elephant
  • 5 Junkyard
  • 6 Bush
  • 7 Windy
  • 8 Grass
  • 9 Glue
  • 10 Up
  • 11 Finders
  • 12 Trampoline
  • 13 Goodness
  • 14 Feather
  • You, me, and all the kings and queens
    Buried in the junkyard,
    And every time the herald Cherub sings
    We rattle with the car parts
    I was born to lie here patiently
    Be dragged on by the black star
    And you were told to glow majestically
    And love until your hands bleed
    You stole your mother's whitest gown
    Swallowed like a sunbeam
    And I stole your father's crusted crown
    It shook us like a bad dream
    They warned to lie impatiently
    Waiting for the big swing
    And you were more than dressing for a feast
    Eat until your teeth bleed
    Oh my royalty my hand goes out to you
    You look painfully true
    But I saw you cry
    Like you used to laugh
    When you looked around
    Were you looking back
    At a lonely love
    As to sprouting beans
    No one's quite as bloom
    As they play to be
    I would love to stay
    But my work is through
    I'm the truest song
    That was never true Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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