Hagen June Lyrics

Corridors of Time Track Listing
  • 1 A Summer Air
  • 2 For Kristina
  • 3 Sundown
  • 4 Mother Nature
  • 5 Questions
  • 6 The Northwinds Blow
  • 7 Mountain Song
  • 8 Nobody's Listening
  • 9 Sweet Tender Sofie
  • 10 For Ulf
  • 11 June
  • 12 Afraid
  • 13 Remember
  • 14 Dragonfly Dance
  • The sun shines on my pillow as the dawn is breaking through
    The birds are singing merrily but I'm forever blue
    Blue for you

    It's June outside my window November in my heart
    If only we could try again and make a brand new start
    'Cause I'm tired of feeling lonely so tired of feeling blue
    Can't face another morning just can't go on without you

    I've told you that I'm sorry
    I've tried to understand
    For your love I'd do everything
    Your wish is my command
    I've told you I will follow
    Anytime and anywhere
    I'll beg and steal and borrow
    Just to show how much I care
    I've told you that I love you
    And my love goes on and on
    I will love you true forever
    'Til the day of Kingdome come
    But oh why did you go
    Leaving me sore wondering
    Oh why did you go
    Leaving me sore wondering why

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