Cassidy Jumping In My Bag Lyrics

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Artist: Cassidy

Mixtape: Apply Pressure

Song: Jumping In My Bag


Apply Pressure......Da Hustla.....Larciny Family.....Yeah....Crossover...Melo what up.....

Ca-Mello!!!Lets Get(x2)


Im jumping in my bag on this one.(x4)...EHhhhhh.....OHhhhhhhh.(x2)

(Vrs 1)

You Can't judge a book by its cover you gotta read it man/
But as far as Narcotics I got if you need it man/
I got that piff if you need a gram/
it's light green but it got orange hairs like peter pan/
I'm hot headed but I ain't got a fever man/
I'm (Amber-Dex-Trious) I can sqeeze it with either hand/
And...My flow tight like and my main squeeze/
You tryna chase cake but yall running the same speed/
I paid cheese for my watch and my chain please/
If you kissed my ring you will probaly get a brain freeze/
Haha..Sometimes I smoke til I can't breathe/
But yall stems&seeds/
We don't smoke the same weed/
I what the game need. I rap real misticly/
I celabrate christmas beacause of the (E-piff-any)
But Santa Clause & Rundolph don't exsist to me/
I seen somethings that you will never get to see/
Thats why I can't let these bitch n*ggahz get 2me/
I twist the tree & stay smoking/
to keep focus/
I stay with toasters/
You only kill when you spray roaches/
Where the burner hater?/
You a exterminator/
So of course ya fans/
Should call you the Orkin Man/
Actin like a killer made you a fortune man/
But tha only beef you had you can stick a fork in man/
Ya motha shoulda had and abortion man/
Just because you takin up space/
You a f*cking fake/
You tha type of n*iggah go to jail and get f*cking r*ped/
Im a f*cking Ape you a rat..Stay in ya f*cking place/
B4 I empty out the f*cking H/
They gunna need dental records when the heckler hit ya f*cking face/
And I aint tryna catch another case/
But i'll squeeze if it's drama dawg/
Yo the pump will make you jump like sum kinda frog/
Cause you a b*tch.WHat you a Poodle Dawg!/
You Motha say my D*ck reminder her of some kinda log/
Im kinda large and I dunn fuck'd all kinda brods/
Ya Moms say Im very attractive/
and when I come in they face they say it very proactive/


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