TISM (Jumpin’ Jivin’) Jimmy “The Ghost” Joyce Lyrics

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Do you remember Jimmy, Jimmy The Ghost?
Jesus! could that boy play; he was the most.
Well, Tom Hafey saw him and said "Now James,
If you apply yourself it'll be nothing but fame."
And boy, did he slam in his very first game,
When he put "Dubliners" to his name.

Then against Hawthorn, Richmond were fast dying,
He wrote "Ulysses" and saved us right on the siren.
There was something timeless about how he'd break out of a scrimmage,
And his use of the drop kick, and of symbol, and image.
On a cold, wet day at the MCG, many a time
Would Jimmy change the course of fiction in our time.

Though many found him complex, strange and aloof,
When he took a mark, the fans just hit the roof.
And then he'd turn slowly around with the ball and he'd say
"riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay."
He played over 400 games though some said it was a mistake,
Then he kept going up and on releasing "Finnegan's Wake."

But I don't think so, 'cause now without him we're out of the five.
So good on you, Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Eat 'Em Alive!
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